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December, 2014

Showing Off!

Posted on: December 4th, 2014 by Leyla Folwell No Comments

Our first ‘Old-Style-Bruno’ exhibition.

It s been a few years since he had

his beloved ‘Where I Fell in Love Gallery’.

But the goodwill has not faded!

Paul Young, Alan Birchall & Stephen Parry

Paul Young, Alan Birchall & Stephen Parry

People flooded in for the opening! It was incredible!

His unique curation and passion for art,

particularly ceramics, has been greatly missed by local art lovers.

Ben Brierley, Tanya Gomez, Ian Gregory & Rhian Malin

Ben Brierley, Tanya Gomez, Ian Gregory & Rhian Malin

The greatest thing for, speaking as one of his past artists is.

He is not influenced by the previous success or

indeed experience of an artist or maker.

Bruno has a good eye and will leap at the opportunity to show work he loves.

Paul Young

We must thank all the artist that contributed work to the show,

it would have been nothing without you!

Ceramics by: Paul Young, Ben Brierley, Ian Gregory,

Rhian Malin, Stephen Parry, Russell Colllins,

Tanya Gomez, Leyla Folwell, Alan Birchall and WIGWAM Ceramics

Paintings by: Alison Johnson & George Taylor
Jewellery by: Tara Osborne & Linda Gregory
The Exhibition opened 29th November and is running until the end January.
And it will be open everyday until 21st December
(but please do call first to arrange your visit on 01789 459123).
Hope to see you soon! At Ettington Park, Stratford on Avon, CV37 8BT

It is a ‘must be seen’ : )