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June, 2017

Finding my joy : )

Posted on: June 1st, 2017 by Leyla Folwell No Comments

There is nothing like doing what you love!

I have been infatuated with clay since the tender age of 17 when I discover it on my General Art & Design course.

I insisted on leaving school to go to art collage, you can imaging my parents horror, but I was an artist from the day I could pick up a pencil.  My intention was to be a painter but I was totally seduced by clay…..

I still draw now, it is essential for incubation of ideas and my painting has now transferred to the surface of my pots…. I sometimes laugh at myself for this labour intensive canvas I have chosen!

Weirdly one of my favourite drawing subjects are historical buildings… I love to soften their ridged lines and make them fluid through the action of drawing.  For me this is capturing time and reflecting the fleeting human history, the people who built, designed, decorated them but yet were out lived by them…..

Somehow I feel this transfers in to my pottery making, we are here for such a short time it is so important to make every moment count…………

One of my best teachers has been Julia Cameron creator of the Artists Way. She has been a major inspiration to finding my happy place : )