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The Ceramics Studio

If life doesn’t go right…..then go left!

Posted on: May 18th, 2017 by Leyla Folwell No Comments

Things rarely work exactly to plan, I know this. At the grand age of 43 I have had my share of life’s little surprises and disappointments. I like to think I am flexible and can roll with it….

Moving from London Town to green and pleasant Warwickshire to marry my sweet-heart – what a whirlwind that was!

But sadly after pouring energy in to relocating The Ceramics Studio and setting up the Wigwam range our romance had run its course.

A little like the hang over after the party, there I was wondering where I belonged.  After much contemplation I realised there is no going back, only going forward, bloom where you are planted right?

So I am putting Wigwam Ceramics back together, alone for now, but I have more grand plans for a collaborative project in the near future.

I guess this is an apology, I didn’t mean to neglect you! Time just flew and I lost myself there for a while! It is hard to make happy work with a broken heart.

I am going to make it up to you and fill your life with joyous ceramics that will make you glad to be alive! Watch this space please………..

Thanks for understanding xx


Blooming Busy!

Posted on: July 24th, 2015 by Leyla Folwell No Comments
Tres Beau : )

Tres Beau : )

There is TOOOO much to tell you! Things are going great here!

Teepee Showroom

Teepee Showroom

We did Lunar Festival back in June

Clay Workshop

Clay Workshop

We took our wares and ran some fun clay stuff for the kids : )

Open Studio

 Warwickshire Open Studios

Straight after that we took part in

Incredibly well organized and well attended!

2015-05-23 14.39.52

Evgenia Golubeva

Also have started collaborating with artist Evgenia Golubeva,

Wigwam Garden

Wigwam Garden

In-between all that we started a little garden next door : ) …… continued

Warming Up to 2015!

Posted on: January 30th, 2015 by Leyla Folwell No Comments
New Wigwam range 'Winter'. Inspired by the beautiful aconites in our woods

New Wigwam range ‘Winter’. Inspired by the beautiful aconites in our woods

December was so busy, it s been nice to take some time to work on new ideas.

Another new range .... so far untitled. Any ideas?

Another new range …. so far untitled. Any suggestions?

We made some bottles for friends using this design and they were very gratefully

received so we thought we would play with the idea of a simpler style.

Porcelain commision

Porcelain commission

I did a small commission for a dear friend.

I enjoyed the challenge but it reminded me why we work with earthenware.

New Years Art resolution to stick to what I love…. some of the joy goes out of

making when it is already sold. Sounds strange but it feels more like a job.



2015-01-30 09.31.31


Tagines were our best seller last year… so back in to those.

They do make for an easy & healthy dinner : )

Tagine lid after turning

Tagine lid after turning

New tagine lid

New tagine lid

If you are passing, call in and see us in action : )

Showing Off!

Posted on: December 4th, 2014 by Leyla Folwell No Comments

Our first ‘Old-Style-Bruno’ exhibition.

It s been a few years since he had

his beloved ‘Where I Fell in Love Gallery’.

But the goodwill has not faded!

Paul Young, Alan Birchall & Stephen Parry

Paul Young, Alan Birchall & Stephen Parry

People flooded in for the opening! It was incredible!

His unique curation and passion for art,

particularly ceramics, has been greatly missed by local art lovers.

Ben Brierley, Tanya Gomez, Ian Gregory & Rhian Malin

Ben Brierley, Tanya Gomez, Ian Gregory & Rhian Malin

The greatest thing for, speaking as one of his past artists is.

He is not influenced by the previous success or

indeed experience of an artist or maker.

Bruno has a good eye and will leap at the opportunity to show work he loves.

Paul Young

We must thank all the artist that contributed work to the show,

it would have been nothing without you!

Ceramics by: Paul Young, Ben Brierley, Ian Gregory,

Rhian Malin, Stephen Parry, Russell Colllins,

Tanya Gomez, Leyla Folwell, Alan Birchall and WIGWAM Ceramics

Paintings by: Alison Johnson & George Taylor
Jewellery by: Tara Osborne & Linda Gregory
The Exhibition opened 29th November and is running until the end January.
And it will be open everyday until 21st December
(but please do call first to arrange your visit on 01789 459123).
Hope to see you soon! At Ettington Park, Stratford on Avon, CV37 8BT

It is a ‘must be seen’ : )

Going Potty!

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by Leyla Folwell No Comments
Plant Pots drying out

Plant Pots drying out

We were inspired to make plant pots this week….

Rescued Plants

Rescued Plants

….after finding these plants buried in there own soil!

After a dust off and a good drink they looked much better.

WIGWAM Succulents

WIGWAM Succulents

Our mini succulent pots came out of the firing and make

a perfect desk companion ; )

Cracking Up!

Cracking Up!

We had our lows though … three platters that we re-fired ALL cracked!

Most pieces are happy to go back through the kiln for another glazing.

I guess we learned something there!

Tagine for a special lady

Tagine for a special lady

The crowning glory this week was the large ‘Dawn’ Tagine we are making for Eliza our

website genius.

 These are great for making easy, delicious dinners and it s a healthy way to cook too!

Maybe we will bring you back a recipe from Turkey …. we leave tomorrow : )

Back to Nature for WIGWAM

Posted on: September 11th, 2014 by Leyla Folwell No Comments
Batsford Arboretum

Batsford Arboretum

As you know, it s been a crazy busy time for WIGWAM and we do

like to keep the balance by getting back in touch with the real world.

So at the weekend we headed over to lovely Batsford Arboretum.

It is so stunning and peaceful, I felt instantly calm and optimistic.

WIGWAM's Sloe Gin

WIGWAM’s Sloe Gin

Speaking of optimistic ….

you will be pleased to know that the Sloe’s from our last outing are fermenting away nicely.

I am looking forward to making some personalized ceramic bottles for Christmas presents.

Tim Collard, our first Artist in Residence

Tim Collard, our first Artist in Residence

Maybe it s because we have a sense of the summer closing in ,

but we have the nature bug in the studio.

Tim Collard – our artist in residence  –

and I have been out drawing and taking photos

everyday this week.

Brock and his stick

Brock and his stick

Always accompanied by our dog pals of course : )

Chloe chilling in the shade

Chloe chilling in the shade

Some more energetic than others…..

Ettington Park Chaple

Ettington Park Chapel

My favorite to draw is the Chapel, it s such a beautiful

semi ruin and it is said to be haunted, as is the hotel.

Chapel  sketch by Leyla

Chapel sketch by Leyla

I can feel a range of Chapel/Chateau inspired ceramics coming this winter …..

I ll keep you posted ; ) x

It s Taking Shape!!!

Posted on: August 1st, 2014 by Leyla Folwell No Comments
New Wheels!

New Wheels!

Bruno has been busy on Ebay!  We now have 5 new wheels!!!! These are Podmores and are really lovely and solid!  They ve been in various states of repair and he s been very busy restoring them.  When we collected the last one, the guy asked Bruno if he was bringing a couple of strong guys with him…. ‘No, I have a strong wife!’  He replied : /

I really like the idea of setting them back to back, I think it s going to be much better for demonstrating and teaching.



We ve been ALL over the country collecting this stuff, including a couple of nice butler sinks Bruno got for a song!  All this came through the window by forklift!  We are very very lucky to have generous neigbours who share their equipment!!

Bruno's Treasure!

Bruno’s Treasure!

One of the best finds was this Fizwilliam, supposedly the Rolls Royce of wheels …. this ones for WIGWAM : )


Cannot work without my beats : ) : ) : )

Cannot work without my beats : ) : ) : )

Other little comforts that are making me feel at home…. my birthday radio : ) Good because there s lots of dance floor potential at the moment



Oh! Internet!! Cant live without it!!

Waiting in the wings, Wigwam pots : )

Waiting in the wings, Wigwam pots : )

to be continued …..


Good things come to those who wait!

Posted on: June 28th, 2014 by Leyla Folwell No Comments
Our new studio : )

Our new studio : )

Here is the front door of our new studio!  We are itching to get the keys and get started!

Grounds of Ettington Park

Grounds of Ettington Park

But we have to wait until Tuesday, so I went for a walk to chill out and try to relax about it……..


Our local walk

Our local walk

And I spent sometime fantasizing about all the wonderful WIGWAM pots we will make there and how perfect this will be for starting  pottery classes again .

It s been good to have a pause to reflect on what we did in Bermondsey and rethink how to approach the business.  I ve been reading lots of inspiring business material from my online Guru .

Slowly does it : )

Slowly does it : )

And the best bit of advice I read was ‘slow down to speed up’.  I like this because I know sometimes I can be less efficient because I am trying to rush….. It s a habit I want to break, as Buddah said ‘There is much to be done, we must proceed slowly’.



Don’t forget to smell the roses!!!

Posted on: June 18th, 2014 by Leyla Folwell No Comments
I did! I forgot!  I am working from the bottom of my Mums lovely garden and I walked passed them!

Whenever I turn up to work, I have a PLAN – I always have a plan – I am always on a mini-mission….
‘Have you seen my roses?’ asks my Ma yesterday. ‘No…’ I mumbled half listening and half struggling with some clay that was really too soft to throw with. ‘You are like a bloke, you can only concentrate on one thing!’ says  my mother. Supposedly, this is the person who knows me better than anyone.
So I got up, washed my hands and had a little walk around the garden with Mummy and she told me what they were and when they bought/planted them etc. It was nice. And yes, I sniffed them too : )
And then I went back to my work and threw this large tagine that I was very chuffed with, so my advice to you is ….


Ebbing and Flowing

Posted on: June 11th, 2014 by Leyla Folwell No Comments
Making WIGWAM Ceramics

Making WIGWAM Ceramics

So good to be making in such a lovely setting ….. I am so lucky!



To find ourselves studio-less when we had just decided to start WIGWAM was a bit of a blow…. but as is often the case, hidden in every stressful situation there is a blessing.

I wouldn’t of thought to head home, but when the proverbial hits the fan you have to compromise – back to Mum & Dads!

It has worked out so well to have a free space to make,  it s really given us time to experiment without panicking about bill paying.

As we start planning our Ceramics Studio move in to the two new spaces – London and Warwickshire, the pressure is on to accept work that you know will guarantee income.

2014-06-10 19.30.57
At the moment we are concentrating on making for Surrey Docks Farm Shop –  Which is perfect as this is where I started my private pottery teaching three years ago.   I love my teaching, I have really enjoyed the break but I am desperate to get back to it …. I am missing the people and it provides the perfect balance to the indulgent artist life style.