Teal handmade Tagine red slip decoration
Violet handmade terracotta tagineTeal handmade Tagine red slip decorationGRN lg tagine 2 edited

Large Tagine – ‘Poppies’ Teal


Wigwam Tagines are made from high fired earthenware, therefore they have the lovely softness of terracotta but are very robust.
This is our large Tagine and is approximately 27cm in diameter and 27cm high when together. The dish is 8cm deep. Family dinner gets cooked to perfection while you have a long relaxing bath : ) We regularly cook with one of these and recommend a nice Goan fish curry or Deliciously Ella’s Thai curry.

Also available in small, medium, & extra large!

These are for cooking in the oven NOT on the hob, direct flame may crack them!

This is part of our ‘Poppies’ range, loosely applied hand-painted spots and sgraffito lines with each piece totally unique. This is applied to a base colour of either violet, teal and red over a white base applied to our signature chocolate

hese are for cooking in the oven NOT on the hob, direct flame may crack them!terracotta background.

Our products are dishwasher-proof, however, we do recommend you hand wash these pieces as dishwashers are harsh on all wares.


This ceramics collection is a bold celebration of the individual. Using good quality consistent materials Wigwam pots are all happily unique, proud to carry their own individual marks and imperfections. Every effort is made to keep the style loose, free and obviously hand made.

The piece you receive will be similar in size shape and colour as the one pictured above, but due to our deliberately spontaneous decorating methods it will not be exactly the same. If you would like to hand pick your piece, you are very welcome to come to our workshop for a cup of tea and a browse.


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Additional Information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 27 x 27 x 27 cm